Wanting to Quit

Have you ever walked away from something only to wish you never had? Usually when you quit, it means you don’t plan on going back! Quitting sometimes can be the easiest thing to do. It says that you don’t have to be bothered with any actions that relate to your current statue, but at what cost? Quitting simply says that you have allowed the enemy to win and take charge over your future. You have allowed your fate to be determined by a one syllable word-QUIT.

I remember when I wanted to quit! I remember thinking about how that release would feel. The question remained, why was I quitting? Why did I really want to let go of my current situation? Was I quitting because it was too hard or was I quitting because I didn’t think I could handle the challenge. Either way I would be giving up on my dreams and my aspirations.

This brings me to the evaluation I had to do on myself. I had to evaluate and ask my self is it worth quitting? Or is it worth fighting for? When I evaluated everything, I found it was worth fighting for.

You may be contemplating leaving a situation or letting go of your current situation. Before you do ask yourself:

-Is what I am aspiring to do worth doing?
-At what costs am I quitting?
-What will I be giving up?
-Is this a Godly decision I am making?
-What will my life look like if I quit? If I proceed?

In all count the cost, because your life begins today!

“Write the vision and make it plain…”
Habbakuk 2:2


Your Journey

Your Journey

Have you ever started a trip to a new and unknown destination and you forgot your map (or now your GPS system)? Think of everyday as a new and unknown destination. So what kind of map do you need to begin your life’s journey? A journal. Many people shy away from journaling. They fear that they are not good writers. The art of journaling is that this is a reference book for you by you. Think of it as your new GPS system.

Your journal is not your diary. You do not have to write about every detail of your day. Instead, start with a topic that puzzles you, write down a goal or maybe a lesson you learned today. Your journal is about your growth. Your journal is affirmation that you will not attempt to make the same mistake twice.

In your journal, you should be able to identify, visualize and apply.

Identify-What is keeping you from…….? What would make it easier? Who can support you? What is your desire?

Visualize-Where do you want to be? What does it look like?

Apply-What steps will you take to get there?

I don’t know what your dreams are or your aspirations, but today is a new day to start. It is not over. Why, because God gives you the strength you need in his word. Hold on to it, meditate on it and live it daily.

Your Tasks

Purchase a journal.
Write down your goals.
Reflect daily on your goals.

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