Running on Empty? Preparation is Key

Ever feel like you are running on empty? Life can be overwhelming at times and this can cause many to feel like they are running on empty. This feeling can lead to burn out. But often times individuals don’t realize how he or she is being affected simply because they don’t know or recognize the signs.  God has, in his infinite wisdom, given us the ability to know when our bodies are running low.  We become stressed, easily agitated, aggravated, cranky, tired, or even become sick.  As a result, we begin to see the manifestations in our lives.  God wants us to recognize when we are running on empty and replenish ourselves. Ultimately, your body needs rest! The key is to prepare. In the story of the 10 virgins, 5 were prepared and 5 were unprepared, which left them missing the bridegroom.  Opportunities will come in our lives and opportunities will go. The only problem is many are not ready when the time comes, they’ve run on empty! Don’t run on empty and miss what God has for you.  Be prepared!


Matthew 25:1-13


1. Recognize the symptoms of burn out

2. Take time for self

3. Replenish and fill yourself with the word


Life Begins Today!

Your Christian Life Coach,

Monique Ray


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